What's Temari

Temari is the place to experience Satoyama life in Nanbucho and share comfortable moments with locals.

We focus on sharing the Satoyama moments with people from all over the world.

Temari is in Nanbu town,

Temari is in Nanbu town, Tottori prefecture. It is located on the western side of Honshu. 15min-drive from Yonago city which is one of big cities in Tottori. Surrounded by small mountains /Satoyama (woodland close to the village ), mythology, streams, wildflowers, rice fields , children, people, fresh meals, cozy traditional Japanese-style house…

what's this


what's Temari


This gathering space is in the center of Temari. You can use it whenever you want. Talk with friends, family and locals, reading books, cooking around the big wood tables.

We close it at 9PM.

Shared kitchen


  • 貸切希望の場合はご一報ください。
  • テーブル使用時:最大約20名程度収容
  • 部屋は間仕切りで2分割可能:約6名程度収容
  • テーブルは出し入れ可能
  • 光熱費、維持費はお気持ちで。もしくは差し入れ(お野菜やお米など)の物々交換も嬉しいです。
  • 参加費制のイベント開催希望についてもご相談ください。
  • 貸切利用のご連絡・ご相談はこちらから


Temari is opened as invigorating local community in April 2019. Our first step to open Temari was in 2016. Students suggested the way of boosting the community by using an old house. Then locals discussed how to use it for a year. In 2018, a young girl who wanted to open a hostel joined the team and made an organization to manage Temari.
Our motto is “ Making our community by ourselves”. We rented public money to renovate the house. We will management for hostel and café with locals.



  • STAFF 01


    Specialty: Growing Rice and Persimmons

  • STAFF 02

    Shunsuke (Café owner)

    Specialty : Smoking

  • STAFF 03

    (Hostel owner and Teacher of Kids English school)

    Specialty: Travel

  • STAFF 04

    (Do anything)

    Specialty: Drinking party

  • STAFF 05


    Specialty: Boosting the community

  • STAFF 06


    Specialty: Knitting and Nature Preservation

Our special staffs are happy to welcome you.

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