Temari is surrounded by beautiful nature, wonderful people and interesting history.
Explore Nanbutown (The town where Temari is) and find what you can experience only here!

Temari is in Nanbu town, Tottori prefecture. Located on the western side of Honshu. 15min-drive from Yonago city, one of big towns in Tottori. Surrounded by small mountains /Satoyama (woodland close to the village ), mythology, streams, wildflowers, rice fields , children, people, fresh meals, cozy traditional Japanese-style house…



Why don’t you experience the cozy and nostalgic nature “Satoyama”?


They give a lot of love to vegetables, fruits and rice. That’s why the food in Nanbu town is so good and healthy.


The principal God of Akaiiwa Shrine is Okuninushi. According to myth, Okuninushi in his younger days incurred the enmity of his brothers over Yakamihime and met his death in this area after a large rock that burned red was dropped on him. However, he was then supposedly revived by his mother. Worshippers from inside and outside the prefecture come to pray for recovery at this shrine that is called the setting of recovery and rebirth.
(Sanin Tourism Organization https://www.sanin-tourism.com/en/todo/188.html )

Nature “ Satoyama”

You can explore Nanbu town and enjoy the seasonal experience.
For example
Spring – You can enjoy walking along Sakura road.(over 5km).
Summer – You might find 100 fireflies and beautiful green plants.
Autumn- Mountains turned colorful, especially persimmon’s orange is amazing.
Winter- You will meet swan in rice fileds on a snowy day.


They keep their life style to love their working in farms and mountains.
Their efforts made the comfortable town.

What’s Sanin region?

Sanin region, the “shadow of the mountains”, located on the western side of Honshu, facing the Sea of Japan on the north side of the Chugoku Mountain range, San’in is made up of the two prefectures of Shimane and Tottori. There are no bullet trains, no large-scale industrial areas, and no major commercial centers. However, there are the life and nature of local Japanese people that’s passed from generation to generation. Let’s come and touch Sanin.

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