We hope your stay will be something special.
Small mountains /Satoyama (woodland close to the village ), mythology, streams, wildflowers, rice fields , children, people, fresh meals, cozy traditional Japanese-style house…

You are more than welcome to join English lessons for children at Temari.




We will offer activities that matches your interests.

If you tell us your interests at the time of booking, we will suggest personalised activities during your stay. If you have your own plans, that’s great too.

Experience Japanese Satoyama!

We would like to provide you simple-but-new experiences depending on the seasons and the whether. You can experience Satoyama life in Nanbu-cho through small walks on historical trails, working in the fields, cooking with fresh vegetables, and more.

You will get a Temari original book jacket.

Book can be a very good accompany for your journey.
In Japan, people often cover their books with paper/quilt/leather which we call “Book cover”.
We will give an original paper book cover to our guests. It can also be used as a bookmark by folding it if it doesn’t fit your book. You can feel Japanese interesting culture and bring a small souvenir back to your home!

Do you want to communicate with local kids?

Kanako who is in charge of hostel is used to be a teacher.
One of her dream is to give children
opportunities to meet many people around the world and learn different values and ways of living. She runs English lessons for children at Temari on Tuesdays and Fridays. You are more than welcome to join and communicate with kids if you are interested in education or children!

GOTO トラベル 今だけお得に泊まろう! GOTO トラベル 今だけお得に泊まろう!



Mixed Dormitory room / Private Room
Durable wooden made bunk beds are just like a secret base!
Room type:Bunk beds
Capacity: 8 people (1person in each bed)
・4 single size beds (109cm×182cm / 43 inch × 71 inch)
*Be aware of the length of single beds. If you are taller than 180cm/6ft it may be small for you.
・4 twin size beds (124cm×208-228cm / 43 inch × 81-89 inch)Facility: Free Wi-fi/Reading light/ Outlet / Air conditioning / Air purifier / Hanger


  • As Dormitory : 3,500 JPY /person
  • As Private Room 21,000 ~ 28,000 JPY /room


Female Dormitory / Private room
This Japanese style room is for female only when used as a domitory. You sleep in futons on tatami-mat and your space is partitioned by screens. This room can also be used as a private room for a group including both male and female.
Room type:
Tatami room (8tatami mat size / 157ft)
*sleep on the floor with futon
*you need to go up the stairs to this roomCapacity:
As Female Dormitory: 4 people
As Private Room: 6peopleFacility: Free Wi-fi/Reading light/Partition screen/Outlets / Air conditioning / Air purifier /Hangers


  • As Female Dormitory: 3,500 JPY /person
  • As Private Room: 10,500 ~ 21,000 JPY /room


Private room
This annex is located across a small corridor away from the main facilities. Enjoy the quiet and cozy moment with your family/friends in this traditional Japanese style room with quaint view from big windows.Room type:
Tatami room (8tatami mat size / 157ft)
*sleep on the floor with futon
*there are small stairs to this roomCapacity:
1~6people ( max 6people)Facility: Free Wi-fi/Outlets / Air conditioning / Low table / Hanger


  • 8,200 JPY /room a night (up to 2 people*)

*Additional 3,500 JPY per person if you stay with more than 2 people. (Max. 6 people)


It shows you availabilities of each type of room.

*Latest update may not be reflected on the calendar online.

*To make a reservatjion on the day or the day before, please make sure to call us for availability.

*If you would like to stay here on Wednesday, please check in on the other days.

・UPSTAIRS SEECLET HIDE AWAY (Female dorm or Private Room):FD

・SECRET BASE (Mixed dorm or Private Room):MD

・COZY ANNEX (Private Room):PR


  • We accept booking from 3months in advance. After checking the availability, please call us or send us an online reservation form for booking.
  • We do not serve any meal. There is a shared kitchen for you to cook. You can also eat at café Temari or other restaurants around us.
  • Towles and toothbrushes are available for a fee.
  • Please make your own bed during your stay.


Payment will be in cash or credit card on-site.

About cancellation fee

  • A cancellation fee will be charged 7days before arrival.
    Please understand our cancellation policy as we are a small community run accommodation. No exception will be applied to any reasons including weather, transportations, and health.
    7days before: 30%
    3days before: 50%
    1day before: 70%
    On the day/No show: 100%


Free service

  • Wi-fi
  • Hair dryer
  • Shampoo
    Body wash
  • To keep luggage
  • Hanger
  • Parking
  • To call for a taxi

Paid service

  • Towel
  • Tooth brush
  • Bicycle rental
  • Laundry machine
  • meals(café Temari)

Accommodation rule



Late check in 19:00-21:00 (You need to let us know beforehand.)
There is no curfew after you check-in.
Our hostel is a renovated old wooden building. We kindly ask your corporation to keep quiet after 11PM as the noise can travel easily.


Other Information.