CHECK IN 15:00-19:00


Late check in 19:00-21:00 (You need to let us know beforehand.)


  • Booking can be made up to 3 months in advance.
  • Payment can be made by cash or credit card only.
  • Meals are not included. We have a cafeteria for lunch and dinner.
  • Accommodations like towel, toothbrush are charged.
  • Please make your own bed during your stay.
  • Please note that our cancellation policy is of 7 days before your arrival
    (7days before: 30% / 3days before: 50% / One day before: 70% / The day or no show: 100%)


It shows you availabilities of each type of room.

*It may take time to update the availability.

*To make a booking for the day and the day before, please call us.

*If you would like to stay here on Wednesday, please check in on the other days.

・UPSTAIRS SEECLET HIDE AWAY (Female dorm or Private Room):FD

・SECRET BASE (Mixed dorm or Private Room):MD

・COZY ANNEX (Private Room):PR

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*To make a reservation for the day and the day before, please call us.

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TEL+81 80-7851-6335

Reception time 10:00-20:00( Closes on Wednesdays)

+81 80-7851-6335