Satoyama activities

Making a small “Temari” Video Part1 🧶

Hi, I’m Kanako, the owner of Temari hostel.

I did live streaming  of making a small Temari.
Today’s goal was making guide lines on the ball before sewing.

“Temari” is a folk art.
Temari means handball in Japanese. It was used as a toy and an accessory for a kimono.

Also, my hostel name is “Temari” which has two meanings.

First, it means a toy. We can image kids smile from the word.
Second, my hostel is in “Tema” area. We add a kanji
“里”which is said “ri”. The shape of Kanji means home town.

I hope my hostel will be everyone’s hometown.

If you have a chance to come to Temari hostel, let’s make Temari together!

❤️ Next live stream: June 6th 2PM-